talk with curators and designers – Izika

MOVIES LECTURES WORKSHOPS / hansen house / 9.6

Meeting with exhibition curator Galit Gaon and the participating designers. A lecture by Galit Gaon, curator of the exhibition Izika (with Yuval Saar) about her father, the mythological curator and founder of the...

Children Island – Paper workshop

MOVIES LECTURES WORKSHOPS / hansen house / 10.6

During Saturday workshops will be open to the public, inspired by the Train Theater’s play: “Why did the fish cry?” Children and parents are invited to create paper pop-up animals.

Children Island – Circus Action

MOVIES LECTURES WORKSHOPS / hansen house / 10.6

A circus workshop for the whole family under the direction of Royi and Michal. The audience is invited to experience and try-out different circus activities at the foot of the truck “Happiness” that...

Children Island – Play: “Why did the Fish cry?

special-events / hansen house / 10.6, 12.6

Animal stories – by Oded Burla. You are invited to visit a unique library full of colorful pop-up books, some tiny, others huge, hiding many secrets and surprises. Two actresses, five stories in a...

Hydroponics Workshop

MOVIES LECTURES WORKSHOPS / hansen house / 14.6

How can plants grow without soil? In this workshop we will get to know and experience hydroponics – an agricultural method that enables saving water with rapid growth and a rich yield of...

Autarkic Studio events

special-events / hansen house / 8.6-14.6

As part of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design’s Masters exhibition, Autarkic Studio, a number of workshops and events will be held:

Milano Design Film Festival

MOVIES LECTURES WORKSHOPS / hansen house / 9.6, 10.6, 11.6, 13.6, 14.6

The festival was founded in 2013 by architect Antonella Dedini and interior designer Silvia Robertsi. The festival takes place every year during October in Milan and presents a rich program of films on...


EXHIBITIONS / hansen house / 8.6-15.6

While people in Israel tend to try to hide in the shadows on hot days, Lithuanians put lots of effort into getting as much sun as possible during the whole year. Different weather...

Festive Cocktail – Lithuanian Design Forum

special-events / hansen house / 14.6

Cocktail with Audrone Drungilaite, the exhibition curator and director of the Lithuanian Design Forum. Sun and Shadow examines the direct impact of geographical and climatic conditions on how design evolves, and the concrete...

Design Week Opening night

special-events / natural history museum , hansen house , BEZEQ BUILDING , ISLAM MUSEUM / 8.6

Design Week will be launched with a festive opening event during which Chopin Street will be closed to traffic and turned into a charming pedestrian mall. The public is invited to walk among...

Autarkic Studio

EXHIBITIONS / hansen house / 8.6-15.6

MA program in Industrial Design, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design   In the early 2000’s, Joep van Lieshout declared his studio in Rotterdam as an independent state. Facilities were built to sustain...

Absentee Landscapes

special-events / hansen house / 8.6-15.6

In the winter of 2017, a group of artists (the SalaManca Group, Nir Yahalom, Ktura Manor and Max Epstein) began building an unauthorized but accurate replica of a painted wooden sukkah from Germany...

Blue-Print: An Interactive Design Experience for the Chopin Street Public Space

EXHIBITIONS / hansen house / 8.6-15.6

Jerusalem Urban Design Center, city model at Jerusalem municipality   The local city planning administration is currently in the process of redesigning the public realm of Chopin Street and its surroundings. Given that...

Pencils & Patterns in Dialogue

EXHIBITIONS / hansen house / 8.6-15.6

We Make Carpets and Grotesca Design meet at Hansen House   Simple, everyday materials you can find in your kitchen drawer. For Marcia Nolte, Stijn van der Vleuten and Bob Waardenburg – the...


EXHIBITIONS / hansen house / 8.6-15.6

The “Izika” exhibition, marking 20 years since the death of curator Yizchak (Izika) Gaon, is the first of a new yearly program of the Jerusalem Design Week, highlighting one influential figure of the...