Graphic Island events

special-events / BEZEQ BUILDING / 8.6-15.6

The ‘graphic island’, under the artistic direction of designers Guy Saggee and Michal Sahar will run a newspaper desk for Jerusalem Design Week, making a daily magazine called “Island” which will involve a long...

product island events

special-events / BEZEQ BUILDING / 8.6, 9.6, 10.6, 12.6, 14.6, 15.6

At Product Island, under the artistic direction of designer Itay Ohaly, various events will be taking place during the week:

Hydroponics Workshop

MOVIES LECTURES WORKSHOPS / hansen house / 14.6

How can plants grow without soil? In this workshop we will get to know and experience hydroponics – an agricultural method that enables saving water with rapid growth and a rich yield of...

Autarkic Studio events

special-events / hansen house / 8.6-14.6

As part of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design’s Masters exhibition, Autarkic Studio, a number of workshops and events will be held:

Milano Design Film Festival

MOVIES LECTURES WORKSHOPS / hansen house / 9.6, 10.6, 11.6, 13.6, 14.6

The festival was founded in 2013 by architect Antonella Dedini and interior designer Silvia Robertsi. The festival takes place every year during October in Milan and presents a rich program of films on...

Festive Cocktail – Lithuanian Design Forum

special-events / hansen house / 14.6

Cocktail with Audrone Drungilaite, the exhibition curator and director of the Lithuanian Design Forum. Sun and Shadow examines the direct impact of geographical and climatic conditions on how design evolves, and the concrete...

Past Present Future: design in the museum

special-events / ISRAEL MUSEUM / 13.6-16.6

In honor of the opening of two new design exhibitions at the Israel Museum and in perfect timing with Design Week, the Israel Museum will hold four tours and meetings under the title:...