jerusalem design week


fashion island events

special-events / BEZEQ BUILDING / 8.6, 12.6, 15.6

At the Fashion Island, under the artistic direction of Muslin Brothers, various events will be taking place during the week:

Missing People

special-events / BEZEQ BUILDING / 10.6 10:00

During the day guests will be asked to collect souvenirs and artifacts for people who are not there with them in order to allow them to experience what they did, and see what they saw. The packages they prepare will find their way to the right place, eventually.

In cooperation with Maayan Goldman, a fashion designer and costume designer, who is a researcher of culture and gender.

I usually get dressed

special-events / BEZEQ BUILDING / 12.6 20:00

The two adjacent spaces, Fashion Island and Product Island host a fashion installation.
The fashion display will examine situations of clothing and accessorizing in two different areas - in an artificial forest and in an abstract desert. A collaboration between Stylist Shayliee Nissim and Photographer Asaf Einy.

Closing event Sale

special-events / BEZEQ BUILDING / 15.6 18:00

During the closing event, a special sale of all the items displayed at the Fashion Island will be held.