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Privacy is embedded in western cultures to such an extent that the UN declares it a fundamental human right. Yet on the other side of the world, an Orwellian governance plan, the biggest in history, is currently being implemented in China. By 2020, the ‘Social Credit System’ (SCS) will be mandatory for all of its 1.4 billion citizens. According to a citizen’s behaviour, the publicly visible points-based system will reward or punish each individual with access to everyday privileges such as travel and education. For many in China, privacy doesn’t have the same premium as it does in the West.

What if it became necessary for the SCS to be implemented in the West? What if privacy were to be taken away from citizens by default?

In a near speculative future, an underground lab is crafting hack products for citizens who want to be incognito. Privacy has become extremely precious and is in huge demand.

Designers: Kacper Hamilton & Bar Horowitz – Part of the Jerusalem Design Week’s international teams program