closing performance

special-events / ISLAM MUSEUM / 15.6

A performance at the plaza of Museum for Islamic Art, on the occasion of the “New Location” exhibition at the museum, and the closing of the Jerusalem Design Week. Amnon Lipkin is sewing illustrations...

New location Exhibition | Designer Panel

special-events / ISLAM MUSEUM / 15.6

For the closing of Design Week in Jerusalem, and inspired by the “New Location” exhibition, a panel of designers will be held under the guidance of curator Alon Razgour, with Koby Sibony, Studio...

Graphic Island events

special-events / BEZEQ BUILDING / 8.6-15.6

The ‘graphic island’, under the artistic direction of designers Guy Saggee and Michal Sahar will run a newspaper desk for Jerusalem Design Week, making a daily magazine called “Island” which will involve a long...

fashion island events

special-events / BEZEQ BUILDING / 8.6, 12.6, 15.6

At the Fashion Island, under the artistic direction of Muslin Brothers, various events will be taking place during the week:

product island events

special-events / BEZEQ BUILDING / 8.6, 9.6, 10.6, 12.6, 14.6, 15.6

At Product Island, under the artistic direction of designer Itay Ohaly, various events will be taking place during the week:

Speculative Tours in Future Jerusalem

special-events / / 8.6-15.6

Audio tours through the future streets of Jerusalem. Various writers have been invited to guide tours, each in their own “speculative Jerusalem”. Each tour includes several tourist attractions in the future city. As...

Children Island – Play: “Why did the Fish cry?

special-events / hansen house / 10.6, 12.6

Animal stories – by Oded Burla. You are invited to visit a unique library full of colorful pop-up books, some tiny, others huge, hiding many secrets and surprises. Two actresses, five stories in a...

Autarkic Studio events

special-events / hansen house / 8.6-14.6

As part of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design’s Masters exhibition, Autarkic Studio, a number of workshops and events will be held:

Festive Cocktail – Lithuanian Design Forum

special-events / hansen house / 14.6

Cocktail with Audrone Drungilaite, the exhibition curator and director of the Lithuanian Design Forum. Sun and Shadow examines the direct impact of geographical and climatic conditions on how design evolves, and the concrete...

Nature Party

special-events / natural history museum / 9.6

On Friday, we will celebrate a noon party at one of the most beautiful sites in the neighborhood – the Natural History Museum. During Design Week, the Museum hosts the “Academies Island” and presents...

Design Week Opening night

special-events / natural history museum , hansen house , BEZEQ BUILDING , ISLAM MUSEUM / 8.6

Design Week will be launched with a festive opening event during which Chopin Street will be closed to traffic and turned into a charming pedestrian mall. The public is invited to walk among...

Past Present Future: design in the museum

special-events / ISRAEL MUSEUM / 13.6-16.6

In honor of the opening of two new design exhibitions at the Israel Museum and in perfect timing with Design Week, the Israel Museum will hold four tours and meetings under the title:...

Absentee Landscapes

special-events / hansen house / 8.6-15.6

In the winter of 2017, a group of artists (the SalaManca Group, Nir Yahalom, Ktura Manor and Max Epstein) began building an unauthorized but accurate replica of a painted wooden sukkah from Germany...