talk with curators and designers – Izika

MOVIES LECTURES WORKSHOPS / hansen house / 9.6

Meeting with exhibition curator Galit Gaon and the participating designers. A lecture by Galit Gaon, curator of the exhibition Izika (with Yuval Saar) about her father, the mythological curator and founder of the...

Meeting the designers of the International Teams program


A meeting with the designers at the exhibition space in the Bezeq telephone exchange, during which they will talk about the joint work process and developing the new installations that will be uncovered...

Children Island – Paper workshop

MOVIES LECTURES WORKSHOPS / hansen house / 10.6

During Saturday workshops will be open to the public, inspired by the Train Theater’s play: “Why did the fish cry?” Children and parents are invited to create paper pop-up animals.

Children Island – Circus Action

MOVIES LECTURES WORKSHOPS / hansen house / 10.6

A circus workshop for the whole family under the direction of Royi and Michal. The audience is invited to experience and try-out different circus activities at the foot of the truck “Happiness” that...

Hydroponics Workshop

MOVIES LECTURES WORKSHOPS / hansen house / 14.6

How can plants grow without soil? In this workshop we will get to know and experience hydroponics – an agricultural method that enables saving water with rapid growth and a rich yield of...

Milano Design Film Festival

MOVIES LECTURES WORKSHOPS / hansen house / 9.6, 10.6, 11.6, 13.6, 14.6

The festival was founded in 2013 by architect Antonella Dedini and interior designer Silvia Robertsi. The festival takes place every year during October in Milan and presents a rich program of films on...