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8-15.6.2017 ISLANDS

Jerusalem Design Week 2017

Under the yearly theme of “Islands”, a  150 designers will take part in dozens of exhibitions and projects, to be displayed in public space, the Hansen House, the Museum of Natural History and the Museum for Islamic Art. The large industrial building of disused Bezeq telephone exchange near the Hansen House will host the main exhibition for the Jerusalem Design Week 2017of.

This year sees the launch of four new multi-year programs as an integral part of the Jerusalem Design Week goals, emphasizing support and encouragement for Israeli investigative design, and promoting Israeli designers both locally and globally: the ‘International Teams program’, which brings together international and Israeli designers to create new works; the ‘Design Arenas’ program, where trailblazing designers serve as artistic directors for unique dynamic spaces; the ‘Local History’ program, focusing on an influential figure in the history of Israeli design; and the ‘Small Business program’, which connects designers and local businesses in Jerusalem, creating interventions by dialogue with its owners.


The Jerusalem Design Week was established in 2011 as an initiative of the Hansen House – Center for Design, Media and Technology, and the Jerusalem Development Authority, supported by the Ministry of Jerusalem and Heritage and the Jerusalem Municipality. The Hansen House has made it its goal to promote Israeli design and designers – consistently, every day and throughout the year. The jerusalem Design Week is the culmination of Hansen House’s annual activity and constitutes its flagship project, as the largest and most influential public design event in Israel. In 2016, JDW expanded into an international event, spanning a series of locations in Jerusalem and hosting a series of events, performances and local and international design exhibitions.

In accordance with the goals of the Hansen House, Jerusalem Design Week aims to strengthen, frame and define Israeli design by looking at both the local audience and the international community, whilepromoting designers as content leaders and change makers. Therefore, JDW focuses on a central theme every year, examining situations that are uniquely and distinctly Israeli while holding international relevance, seeing the human conditions and the unique cultural landscape in Israel defining it as a living lab for pressing global issues, and with the conviction that design must respond to these issues.


The Hansen House – Center for Design, Media and Technology was built in 1887 as a leper asylum by the Protestant community of Jerusalem. The designer of the structure was German architect Conrad Schick. In 1950, the site was purchased by the Jewish National Fund, and continued to serve its original purpose until 2000. In 2009, the building was handed over to the municipality of Jerusalem city, for the purpose of converting it into an interdisciplinary center. The project of restoring and converting the building started in 2011, under the management of the Jerusalem Development Authority. In 2014, the impressive historic building was opened to the public as a center for design, media and technology. In its new purpose, the Hansen House is used for cultural activities, including exhibitions, film screenings and advance fabrication labs. In addition to those, the building plays host to Graduate programs for the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, the Ma’amuta Art Research Center, the web journal Erev-Rav, various research and art groups in the fields of design and technology, and the Jerusalem Film & Television Fund. In 2017, the Ofaimme Farm for Sustainable Agriculture will open a café in the compound.


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Jerusalem Design Week 2017 team:

General management: Ayelet Dror and Ran Wolf, Ran Wolf Urban Planning and Project Management

Artistic director: Anat Safran

Chief curator: Tal Erez

Production manager: Netta Frank

Technical production: Faza

Local PR:  Idit Shiloah

International PR: Jacob Peres office

Digital marketing: Yontan Strier

Sponsorship recruitment: Shira Raz

Graphic design: Studio Shual – Guy Saggee & Yoav Perry

Site Developer: felix007