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JDW 2020 - Runaway Circus

The Jerusalem Design Week has been held under the management of the Hansen House Center for Design, Media and Technology since 2011. Hansen House hosts a spectrum of diverse activities throughout the year to promote the design sector in Jerusalem and Israeli designers in general. Jerusalem Design Week is the main event in the tapestry of Hansen House’s annual activities and constitutes its flagship project, as the largest and most influential public design event in Israel. In 2016, the Jerusalem Design Week expanded and became an international event that takes place in several locations throughout Jerusalem, and offers a multitude of events, performances and local and international design exhibitions. Each year, the Jerusalem Design Week focuses on a central theme that examines unique Jerusalem and Israeli situations having international relevance, with the idea that the unique cultural landscape in Israel allows it to serve as a kind of living laboratory exploring urgent global issues, and with the belief that design must respond to these issues. The Jerusalem Design Week is an initiative of the Ministry of Jerusalem and Heritage Affairs and the Jerusalem Development Authority. The event is being managed by the Ran Wolf Company.

“Runaway Circus”, Jerusalem Design Week’s theme for 2020, was conceived months ago. Who would have thought that dealing with Escapism will suddenly become so clearly relevant. As we spend our days secluded and isolated, we cannot help but think of Hansen House’s history of seclusion and illness. Yet just like it has turned into a center for creation and encounter, so will we be back with another exciting edition of Jerusalem Design Week. stay tuned, and we promise to publish new dates as the clouds over the world scatter.

Since consciousness first crept into our minds and we had come to terms with the reality of our daily life, as individuals, societies and as a species, we had sought to escape it. Escapism as a psychological coping mechanism had taken many forms. Through literature and music, theatre and travel, games or inner search – chemically, philosophically or psychologically induced. We escape into the virtual, into the wild, into indulgences and alternative identities and cultures. We escape ruling paradigms to alternate realities, or moments of pure pleasure. Through the span of our existence, We balance the burdens of daily life by turning our backs to it – for a day or for a lifetime, as a form of rebellion or by moving with the crowds to new and seductive diversions. 

In its role as a festival, an escapist form in itself, Jerusalem Design Week 2020 aims to revive and explore what might seem at first glance an untainted form of escapism, at least in origins – the Festival of festivals, the hall of entertainment and wonder – the traveling Circus. A conflicted being, it is both wondrous and dangerous, inclusive and exploitative, magical and technological, wholesome and dark. It is an epitomisation of human potential, and as it disassembles, remind us of our inability to fulfil it. it shows us the wonders of the world and nature, while it resonates the costs of bringing it to us. The Circus is a place where the purest escapism and harshest realities meet. 

JDW 2020 proposes Design will become this Circus –  many times there for our escape into comfort, indulgence and aesthetics, for our ease through effectivity and creative solutions, for our wondrous potential through the innovation it promotes. Yet, while Design is there to take away the burdens of the everyday complexity, it is, much like the Circus, a place where technology, ecology, social tensions, eccentricity and cultural questions meet, where they are debated, and where they are put to the test of its audience.

Through its one week of existence, “Runaway Circus” will explore the Circus’s Bright facade and dark backstage, and might seem to offer us a moment of ease of mind, as design also often does. But it just might also remind us that reality is inescapable, and that whatever we do is always a reflection of what we are.

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